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451 Trays

Trays are first of all accessories for the kitchen or the table, especially useful to easily carry food and beverages, plates, glasses, cups, bowls, and bottles from the island, or wherever the food has been prepared, to the coffee or dinner table. In spite of being plain practical objects, they can add a final extra touch too food presentation. Already during 1700 trays were used not only to lay crockery on, but were also very appreciated as a sophisticate way to present the refined coffee or tea set. While habits and preferences have changed, the demand for objects able to fulfill both aesthetic and functional requirements has stayed unchanged. If chosen with care, even today trays are an extremely useful addition and at the same time a complement to the table, able to underline a specific style of food presentation, or to call the attention on a typical dish. The choice of trays currently available on the market is extraordinarily vast.

Trays main typologies

At present, the trays on the market come in a wide array of shapes. They encompass the traditional oval and rounded trays, the more modern and fancy square and rectangular trays and trays with irregular shapes, totally indescribable. However, it is possible to distinguish among three types of trays with precise specific characteristics; serving trays, bar trays and plate trays. Serving trays feature a tall and solid rim, often with two handles and are certainly the most versatile, as they can accommodate pretty heavy and bulky things. Bar trays are characterized by pretty much the same edge especially aimed at blocking cups, glasses, bottles and jars. As suggested by the name, plate trays distinguish themselves for the low rim. Being large plates mainly used to present and carry food, plate trays play the twofold role of preventing the hands from burning and ensuring the due hygiene.

Beyond the traditional tray. Special shapes and uses

Speaking of special shapes, it is impossible not to mention the cake stand (or étagère), a tray with multiple layers for fruits and cakes; the Lazy Susan, a rotating tray, normally placed in the middle of a round table, allowing anyone to easily take the side dishes and dressings served with the main course from plates and bowls; eventually the chopping board that quite often lends itself to be used as a tray of its own right. Those who are looking for a tray that perfectly adapts to specific functions, could choose from the various typologies listed above. Nonetheless, it remains the aesthetic choice, one’s personal preference among different shapes, colors, finishes, patterns; between traditional and innovative materials, like with classic wooden trays and metal trays. Those who are into an accessory with exclusive characteristics, should value the refinement of natural stone trays. Those who are searching for a pragmatic and decorative solution for any occasion, could conveniently opt for complete sets composed of trays with different dimensions, with thematic decorations and coordinated colors.

Breakfast in bed? Choose the right tray

The moment of waking up is maybe the most important of the day, as it is able to influence the latter evolution and course. “Today I woke up on the wrong foot...” is one of the most used expressions to say that waking up was not that smooth. With breakfast in bed there is no risk that this sentence is pronounced. Being served breakfast in bed means enjoying a moment, that of the morning coffee, in full relaxation, extending by some minutes the time for ourselves and for waking up. To fully enjoy this moment it is necessary to have a proper support surface, able to stand the movement of the mattress and steady at the same time. A bed tray with foldable legs is the right answer to this need, because it ensures stability and offers a table-like support surface. Some models feature the possibility to fold the legs in a way that the tray is not too bulky once closed. Others have completely removable legs and can also be used on normal surfaces like a table, coffee table or on the kitchen counters. ... More ... less


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