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80 Side showers

Shower heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wall-mounted showers, or side showers offer extra comfort also and especially in small-sized shower spaces. Being an integral part of hydromassage systems, they are often already incorporated in top-level bathtubs and promise a 360° sensory experience. With their massaging effect they tend to stimulate blood circulation and nurture a long lasting relaxation. The water heat and pressure can help release muscles tension in the back and in other body parts. When placed inside shower cabins, side showers for hydromassage can be associated to ceiling-mounted overhead showers to enjoy a full relaxing experience.

Different typologies of side showers

All in all side showers can be classified as built-in side showers, often with a fixed jet, or as adjustable models, where the water jet can be oriented. While the fixed jet is conceived to stimulate a precise part of the body – the back, the legs, etc.- swivel side showers allow to freely choose and change the area to be stimulated as you like. Wall-built head showers are an ideal option especially in compact shower cabins. As a matter of fact they lend themselves as an ideal alternative to ceiling-mounted overhead showers which normally require extra free vertical space.

Side showers and specific characteristics

At current, production pays considerable attention to eco-sustainabiity and water saving, therefore many models allow water flow regulation. Often the individual modules of a system can even be regulated separately. Perfectly aligning with contemporary needs and with the tendency to re-create a wellness area of one’s own at home, the market offers a wide array of models with diverse extra and complementary functions; for instance, a rain or mist spray jet; with in-built lights for chromotherapy; or special shower heads for aromatherapy. Worth of notice are also side showers with anti-lime system which make cleaning up easier and improve the shower head durability, retaining its efficiency and allowing significant water saving.

How to choose side showers

Combined with the other tap elements, chromed-brass side showers or in stainless steel, with a polished or brushed finishing, are absolutely the most sought-after as they ensure high resistance to corrosion and consequently high durability over time. Once you have chosen the material, the typology that fulfills your personal needs and the desired characteristics, you need to find the best solution also for what relates to aesthetics. No doubt that the designs that reflects the peculiarity and overall style of the space stick out; classic or modern; minimalist or with accent features, etc. Hence, numerous producers offer collections complete of taps -and carrying the signature of notorious designers- that include also side showers produced with utmost care for details and that are up to the latest technological innovations. ... More ... less
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