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347 Outdoor spotlights

In the process of choosing the lighting system for your outdoor it is crucial to opt for the light sources that best suit your external area. Outdoor spotlights emanate a strong and direct light in a sharp-edged way, allowing to create lighted paths, to light up the poolside, a house entrance and to mark potential staircase. There is a great array of outdoor spotlights to pick from. From the most popular recessed outdoor spotlight, to solar-powered outdoor spotlights, there is a match to perfectly suit any kind of environment. The choice can vary based on the space configuration, on the size of the space to be lit and on the effective light needed. It is also relevant to weigh in depth the style of the lighting fixture to opt for, for the model to be in line with your outdoor furniture style.

How to make a lighted path with recessed outdoor spotlights

Those who are lucky enough to enjoy a green space in the open air should boost it in the best way, by planning a proper lighting and mounting the most suitable lights. A lighting solution put in the right place can indeed add value to a space by creating lights and shadows effects. Recessed outdoor spotlights reply to the need of creating particular lighted paths. The main advantage is that this system allows to walk specific tracts in the dark. The same can be done with adjustable outdoor spotlights that allow to light up specific spots according to the needs, thanks to the possibility to orient the beam of light.

Poolside, entrance, stairs. How to illuminate with outdoor spotlights

Outdoor spotlights are ideal to trace fascinating light paths in the backyard, at the entrance under the awning or at the poolside. It is equally important to choose the materials for outdoor spotlights according to the stream of light emitted and the outdoor furniture style. For a modern-style building, for instance, it could be possible to opt for glass or metal outdoor spotlights. This type of lighting is also appropriate for the poolside or to light up the entrance, especially if spotlights are recessed in the floor. In the second case, a possible option are recessed ceiling spotlights. Spotlights serve also as to delineate and lighten the staircase area, allowing to walk it in full safety even in the dark.

Typologies of outdoor LED spotlights to suit any space

LED spotlights are abundantly used in order to spread the light homogeneously and create a comfortable and well lit environment. There are countless types of spotlights that can be grouped under three main categories: recessed, ceiling and wall-mounted spotlights. LED ceiling spotlights can be clipped to a track with metal cables. If fixed nearby a table, for instance, these light sources emanate the perfect light to be oriented towards that specific space. Eventually, outdoor wall-mounted LED spotlights are among the most commonly used as they allow to direct the light flow from above downwards. ... More ... less
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